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How To Enjoy Your Weight Training

Whatever your goal, whether it be building muscle or losing fat, enjoying your training is actually a very important factor in your results. Simply put, if you do enjoy it (and actually dread it) then how much longer will you continue before throwing in the towel?

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Information Overload

Do me a favour, go to Google and type in type in the search bar ‘How to Build Muscle’ or ‘How to Lose Fat’; I guarantee what you will find is swathes of information on these aspects. Difference techniques, different timings, different philosophy, everybody is suddenly an expert.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Internet and the information on it are great things, and when you used correctly can reap great benefits. I learnt a lot from the Internet in my early days.

However, the problem is that there are so many versions or success stories of people doing things a certain way, that we get caught up believing in the hype and want to try it for ourselves.

We are all looking for a quick fix. 


Why Enjoying It Is Crucial

There is an old adage that goes along the lines that ‘The Answers Are Within’. If we can just consciously choose to listen to ourselves, we may just start to find the answer.

Do not do something you hate, if you are constantly dreading it and glad its over, then it’s clear you need to try something else.

Always do what you find enjoyable and fun, and then go and master it.

Once you have done this, be sure to always listen to that voice within.

Not the voice motivated by fear, but that of excitement, that of ‘Oh I wouldn’t mind trying this out’ 



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The real reason why I train (and why you should too!)

The pain of training, spewing your guts all over the floor, or the pleasure of training doing what you find fun… which one to do? More importantly, which one resonates with you?


Pain comes part and parcel with training there is no escaping it, however, what defines pain?

The training style I love to partake in is bodybuilding, and have been training for around 8 months. There are many different ways to train, but I prefer a mix of controlled, heavy to start and then finishing the workout with high-rep (burnout) pumps.The thing is it hurts, but there is something about the pain that I love (call me crazy). Now if i was to go crazy and force myself to do things I did not want to do (like 10 sets of hack squats!) then that would be pain I do not like, and guess what? It won’t grant me results. Forcing yourself do something you really hate will eventually have its toll. This means it is important you define really what kind of pain you are willing to endure.



If you give up at the first hurdle of pain, you have lost out on lots of upcoming pleasure


Often after reaching the end of a good, hard training session, comes those endorphin’s, that amazing feeling of pleasure.

Have you ever realised that after giving it your all and leaving everything out there (under that Barbell) that you will come out of the gym with one of the best high’s ever known to man?

They say with pain comes pleasure, and this is certainly the case with bodybuilding. You put in the work, you endure pain, you see results, and this motivates you to keep going, thereby facing the pain yet again. Like i said, with pain comes pleasure, intense pleasure.



Arnold Schwarzenegger sums it up perfectly

So.. how should YOU train?

Now we arrive at the most important part of the article, how should I as an individual train?

Well firstly it depends on what you are training for, an athlete training for a marathon will be training much differently to that of a sprinter. However, what ever form of training you do, you MUST find a way to enjoy it. The most successful athletes in life are those who do what they love and therefore work extremely hard towards that particular endeavour. what they love, because they work extremely hard towards that particular endeavour.

So remember guys, train hard and enjoy the pain by doing what you love!

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