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Truth about Happiness

So often in life we are steeped in the past or future forgetting the very essence of who we are or where are as unique life forms -the present moment.

Choose to live fully.. NOW

It is understandable. We live a life awaiting for certain things to make us happy. Maybe it’s the mortgage being paid off; maybe its that new car, maybe once I get this physique I will be happy. I get it, these things may bring happiness, but I assure you it will only be temporary.

When you live a life waiting to be happy, you will never truly live. Everything you do will be based on the belief that happiness is a future goal to be attained, instead of realising it can be sought, right here, right now.

Many of us get caught up in the trap of believing the future holds the life we seek, and by doing so we unconsciously sabotage the beauty of the life around us right now. Often we chip away at our goals day by day, until finally we achieve the desired outcome. But guess what? We are still unhappy, there is a void, something is missing. We have been partaking in an illusion.

On the other hand there are those that wait. They believe some miracle will come their way and they will be happy. As much as I spread my love and hope towards these people, I can simply only describe this as ‘Wishful thinking’. Guys + Girls, if you continue to wait, nothing will happen, you have to take action.


Enjoying the process

At the end of the day, its not about what we get from something, it is who we become. There was once a story of a wise man who was asked to mentor a young man and assist him in climbing up a mountain to seek vast treasures. The wise man reluctantly agreed. They both toiled up the mountain for many days and months, learning numerous things along the way. The men finally reached the top. The young man looked around, there appeared to be nothing. He then turned to the wise fellow with a confused look on his face and queried whether he knew where the treasure was? The wise man insantly handed the young man a stone.

Here is your treasure” He said.

The young man was confused. He had climbed all this way and toiled for many months, to get a, stone?!

So you mean I have travelled all this way, to get a small stone? This isn’t worth anything!” The Young man cried.

The wise man then looking at the individual straight in the eye said to him

” In life, it is not about the destination, it is about the journey”

This is what I wanted my whole article to be about, this quote right here. Who we become far outweighs what we get, and brings us much happiness.

The evolution into becoming what we want is truly the reason why we unertake a certain task, the destination of that journey is like the cherry, on top of the icing, on the cake. Read more – Tips to connect to true self




The Attitude of Gratitude

“Gratitude in advance is the most powerful creative force in the universe”

Neale Donald Walsh

Look around you, look very close, you will begin to see that in today’s society many people are not grateful for what they have, as a matter of fact they behave in a totally opposite way. We live in a society where many people are complaining about their life and circumstances. A way out of this, offered by the elite is to keep attempting to make one self better, through the possession of materialistic items, however, this does not satisfy us. It actually makes us want more and thereby not appreciate what we currently have. We live in a World where a lot of us (me included) are never truly grateful for the miracle of life, and for the fact we are alive… right here, right now.

life is great

Why / How is Gratitude so powerful?!

Employing gratitude is an EXTREMELY powerful process. When you stop, reflect on life and be truly grateful for what you have your life will begin to change. You will genuinely be happy. Gone will be the days of claiming to be a happy once a future goal is reached, you can choose to be happy NOW.

Gratitude is the key to happiness. Daily practice of gratitude can ironically allow you to reach your goals faster. Ever heard the saying ‘fake it till you make it’? Well this is similar to gratitude, be happy now, be grateful now, feel how you would in your ideal life now, and guess what? One of the most important steps towards your goal is achieved. Be grateful for the flowers outside, your family helping you out, a stranger giving you way in traffic, and even for the food on your plate. Some of the most happiest people are those with nothing at all to their name. They have nothing, yet somehow, have everything.

How to practice gratitude

Practising gratitude is a very simple process and need not be complicated, however, there are many different ways to practice gratitude. Here are some of my favourites.

  • Gratitude Journal – Every day, find three new things to be grateful about and write them down in as much detail as possible. Whenever feeling ungrateful, simply refer back to your gratitude journal.

    Here are some examples
  • Speak gratitude into existence – As you go about your day, attempt to notice as many things to be grateful for as possible. When you see something, marvel at it, do not judge it, simply be grateful for its beauty, and say it out loud.

    How beautiful
  • Give more thanks – Saying thank you is one, if not the most powerful form of gratitude you can employ. Say thank you for everything. For your life, for the postman delivering you valuable letters, your mother for her home-cooked foods. Say thank you more, and you will receive more.

I am

Lastly, attempt to always see life with the attitude of gratitude. Be genuinely grateful, and you will be happy, I guarantee it.

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4 Tips on how to find / reconnect to your true self 

In our lives there are so many people to look up to and this is a blessing for sure. However, we must always aim to connect back to our true selves as that is where the real truth lies

You have been undergoing conditioning 

Conditioning is known as something which has a significant influence over you, and then makes you behave in a certain way. A lot of our lives we have been conditioned to take on board fear and insecurity in order to make us a shadow of TRUE selves. This is done (by the powers that be) to cut us off from source, from divine, from our heart. However, conditioning isn’t just the news and matrix society, conditioning (as explained by the late Max Spiers) is actually everything outside of ourselves. This means to connect to our divine energy, we must rid ourselves of everything outside of ourselves and connect within.

How to reconnect

Despite all of this conditioning, we as humans have remarkable power and due to universal law are bound by free will. We do not have to participate in these mind games, we are free to do as we TRULY wish.

Here are four quick tips to re-establish that inner connection, and these can be used at any time to get you back into flow.

1.) Slow Down – We live in a 9-5 clock based society, where we seem to always be rushing around from one thing to another. Taking time on each task may sem counterproductive at first, however, it can actually help you accomplish whatever your doing with more quality and precision. Slowwww down, breathe and do not rush around, it will help, you have my word.

2.) Meditation – Meditation is one of the greatest if not the greatest tip I can give you. Meditation will allow you to truly connect to the divine. Now there are may ways to meditate, simply start with 10 minutes a day, sitting somewhere (preferable alone and way from any distractions, including people!) and focus on your breath. Even 5-10 minutes daily can be very powerful finding out who you really are.

3.) Live in the present moment – Living in the present moment is what we used to do as kids, but nowadays we are either living regretting the past, or worrying about the future. Stop, be present, and do it for as long as you can, whenever you can.

4.) Turn off the TV! – The TV is toxic, even if something productive is on. Studies show that after the 20th minute of watch Television our brains go into a Beta Mind state similar to when we are dreaming, and we are being directly controlled. Turn it off, close the book, turn off the music, seclude yourself (for a period of time) and reclaim your sovereignty.

Read more about Happiness here Truth about Happiness


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Muscular Pumps

The pump is something which is known as when the body fills up with blood, and expanding like a balloon. Arnold Schwarzenegger once described it equal (or even better) than the one of the deepest highest sensations known to man, ejaculation. However, the severity and length of the pump are determined by numerous factors…


Myofibrillar Hypertrophy (high reps)

bodybuilder-331670_1280So first we come to myofibrillar hypertrophy (tongue twister, eh?). This time of hypertrophy involves the use of light weights for higher reps, typically 12-20 with short rest intervals, or sometimes, none at all! This produces an inflation of the muscles, and can sometimes come under the ‘chasing the pump’ category. Typically these kind of pumps are easier to get for even a newbie to bodybuilding.


Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (low reps)

Secondly we come to sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, which is strength training. This form of training predominantly centres around the variables of lower reps (4-6), heavy weight, and long rest intervals (3-7 min.). This kind of training, can, at first, seem counterproductive. To walk into a gym and sit around for 5 minutes in between sets, as a pose to burning out and sweating buckets on the floor. However, with strength training, you can begin to lift heavy, and the heavier weights you lift, the bigger you will be (with correct form of course), there is no doubt about it at all.


Squatting (deep) is one of the best mass build exercises


So… Which one to choose?!

I am afraid this final answer is goal dependent, and is something you, the viewer must answer. However, I can leave you with some parting words

“Doing two or more things at the same time splits our consciousness in two or more ways”

Simply put, no one said you can’t do both…



Tired after work? 5 reasons to go to the gym after a hard day at work

Don’t know who to look up to? Idols and icons 

Do genetics play a role? Hard Work vs Talent

Hard Work vs Talent

Talent is something which you are born with, hard work is something you strive for, so the question… when the two meet who wins?

It has often been a big debate In many communities regarding those who work hard, and those who are naturally blessed. Lets take the fighting community for example, we have an Irishman, Conor McGregor who himself admits he is not talented; he is where is today due to hard, hard work.

And then on the talent side, you have a man who has always been blessed, Jon Jones. He is a man who can seemingly do the impossible, and yet, he is not the hardest of workers. This is evident by his out of the ring antics.


Talent hits a target no one else can hit

Arnold Schopenhauer

Talent is known as a skill, it is known as someone who is blessed, it is known as someone who is a genius. In bodybuilding, talent can be put in the category of genetics. Genetics are a predisposition you are born with. Somebody who has more defined abs than another despite hardly ever training them can be put down into genetics. Genetics does play a big role in bodybuilding no doubt, however people often use it as an excuse for their lack of effort, and this is where hard work enters the fore.
Hard work

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

Hard work is something which is up for debate among many communities. If you enjoy doing something and you put your all into it is that considered as hard work? On the other hand if you hate something and force yourself through just for the end goal, will that reap any results? At the end of the day there is no excuse for hard, hard work. So get your paintbrush, your computer or your dumbbell and get going because something great is not going to build itself.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Idols and icons 

In life there are many ways to act… here we will look at a more informed approach to tackling life from the many different facets 
Which way to be? Which way to act? Good or bad? Esctatic or subdued? There are many ways to be in life and each have their benefits and equally their downpoints. One thing I have learned about life in the short 22 years I have resided on planet is that there is no set way to be, but rather a mixture of everything.

No way is way – Bruce Lee

We all know the story in the personal development world. We listen to one individual. We are attracted by their energy regarding a certain topic, we then proceed to discover their input on various other topics; before sometimes going the full distance and attempting to emulate this person in every aspect. 

There is a big fundamental problem with the this approach…

Firstly you can never fully emulate someone because put quite simply, you are not them, no matter how hard you try certain things will not resonate with your inner being.

This then causes frustration and a dark energetic pattern as you recklessly attempt to mimick this individual in the best way you know possible.

Secondly if you are following somebody then what has happened to you? What has happened to your own unique signature, your own intuition, your heart. 

I  challenge all of humanity to take a balanced approach in life, and take bits from everybody who inspires you to then build you, the real you. 

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The Mid-Life crisis

What is it that you truly want out of life? Are you merely doing things just to pass time? Are you really happy with the way you are spending your time? Are you in charge, or are you a product of your circumstances?


If you look at the mass majority of people, they are living on a cycle. Monday – Friday typically between the hours of 09:00 – 17:00 its all about working to pay the bills. Everybody seems to be in a rush and yearning for the weekend. Then, as soon as the weekend comes a massive energy release… BOOM BOOM BOOM! And then Sunday arrives, and we are recovering from the weekend ready for another long week head. The problem with this way of life is that we never truly take time to figure out what we want, we are simply living on other people’s terms. The moment we have time off what do we do? We let go, we drink, we smoke, we fornicate, we do whatever makes us (supposedly) happy to counter-balance the pain of the 9-5 lifestyle, and we end up more and more miserable.

What fulfills you?

The problem with these activities (mentioned above) is that they are temporarily easing our pain, however, they are not what we truly yearn for. If you are really truly happy with working a job and then blowing of steam on the weekend, then that is great! However, the majority of people are not, and the reason for this is because they have not taken time to find out what truly fulfills them. This doesn’t mean sitting in silence and waiting for some magic moment of thought (although sporadic periods of silence can help), but rather getting into the uncomfortable, and jumping off the cliff whilst learning to fly on the way down.


That’s why I invite you, the reader, to truly find out what fulfills you, and together we can help build a new earth…

Share your views in the comments section below!