Established Mid 2016, Brownboybodybuilder aims to put the flow back into everything we now know. Simply put, why the need for so many theories?.

In life, there is never really a right time to start anything. I have glamoured for months and months deciding on what venture to start next, and I on 15/01/2017 decided to start the first chapter of my new phase in life, buckle up and prepare guys.

Why I started

The reason I started this blog was for an informative view about muscle growth, hypertrophy and bodybuilding in general. I feel today there are so many different opinions for the natural lifter, and this can become disheartening. I am hereby putting forward my piece, and my opinion on this fitness bodybuilding industry. However, this blog will not just be about bodybuilding; it will be about life and the very nature of our existence. We are a unique species and we are so much more special than we have come to know.

What you can expect

I intend to be open in all areas of my life, and this blog serves as a platform to allow me to do that. Through this unexpected avenue I shall be sharing with you my life as well as many insights on a range of subjects. Now, you can say that due to the name of my site, it must be about bodybuilding and this is somewhat true… somewhat. What do I  mean by this?I plan to post about everything from what I ate last night to the very reason you, the reader have stumbled across this article, on this particular day, in the vast continuum of time and space.


When the time is right I shall be sharing all sorts of secrets with you guys, but for now I am just introducing myself as BrownBoyBodybuilder, at your service.


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