Increase your service – Increase your reward (Money!)

Ask yourself every morning – How Can I Increase My Service Today? – Earl Nightingale

Often throughout life we are faced with the age-old question of how to increase our income, which can then contribute to a better quality of life.

This leads to us down various different avenues; from selling unused items, to getting a pay rise and even looking for a new line of work! But one thing prevalent in these and many other methods is that of increasing your service. The more you can create a demand for a product or service, the more people will be a customer of yours; and if you have more customers you will have more income – they are one and the same.

In life there are two kinds of people

1.) Thise individuals who cut down their needs and wants to match their income

2.) Those individuals who make their incomes match their needs + wants

The second option is by far the most beneficial for us a species and you will find the top 5% Of people on the planet in this bracket.

I want you to break out of these old conditioned methods of believing money is dark and the root of all evil. People sometimes say to me that money doesn’t bring happiness. Money has brought a lot more happiness than has poverty – there is no virtue or honour in poverty. Simply put money is a means to an end, but do not let money take the place of anything else. It is there to help and live our life, that is it.

I want you, the reader, the unique human being (or robot) to take advantage of this great universal law and get the income you want and deserve. Here are some tips for increasing your service:

  • Carry a notepad and pen around with you st all times and have the idea in your mind – how can I increase my service today? We are habitual creatures and tend to forget very easily. Therefore it is imperative that you write it down – remember, one idea can change your life.
  • In your current line of work, look for new and exciting way of increasing your service. Always think of ways how you can above what you are being paid for, become an invaluable asset for your company.
  • Relax! Once you are looking for ways to increase your service and have began implementing them what is crucial is that you need to relax, you have nothing to worry about. Know that there are certain universal laws and if adhered to can and WILL bring success to you, it has to be, it is only a matter of time.


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I hope this article truly helps you. Let’s get rid of the old adage of not working hard because we are not paid enough. Increase your service by doing more than what you are paid for and eventually the two will add up, they have to, it is how the universe works.

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