How To Continually Grow Stronger In A Negative World

In a ever-changing World with much terror, it is essential not to be affected and to continue growing stronger; here are my three tips to grow stronger whilst also shutting out the negativity of the environment surrounding you.

  1. Don’t Watch The News – Have you ever noticed the introduction to the daily news bulletin? DUN DUN DUN! The news channels these days are very negative, spending time taking in the energy the news offers hinders you a progress to  great degree. Shut off the news, and see how it impacts your life, I guarantee you will be automatically happier than 90% of people – whilst also allowing you precious time to grow news.jpg
  2. Realise There Is No Good Without Bad – There are certain laws in the universe which show up in life (no matter how distorted this planet is). Yin Yang. With every good thing, comes a perceived bad thing and vice versa. Simply put, there is no good without bad, this is duality. We mustn’t allow ourselves to be swayed by the negativity and all the bad things happening in the world because guess what? We are forgetting the great things which are also happening.yin yang.jpg
  3. Bad Acts Have Been Occurring Since The Beginning Of Time – Many of us get so emotionally involved in whats happening in the World and we believe that day by day the world is getting worse. I myself am a behead.jpgvictim of this mentality. Yesterday, whilst at work, I (foolishly) tuned into the news as there was much commotion in the kitchen area of my workplace. On the TV I saw the attacks which had just happened at Westminster (R.I.P to all those killed) and I engaged in a conversation with a colleague. I stated that “the world is getting worse”. I realised the drama of what had just happened in Westminster and the way the news was broadcasting it, made me react in a certain way. However, I then remember something important.Acts like this have been happening since the beginning of time, this is nothing new, and although it is upsetting that these acts occur, we cannot allow them to influence our behaviour as this makes it all worse.



Finally, I would like to say that we should use all of our energy and put it into worthwhile matters (like growing stronger). Focus all your energy on that, grow stronger, help people, and be the change you want to see in the world. Peace and Love.

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