Why you should change your opinion… DAILY.

Changing your opinion daily may seem to be counterproductive and appear as erratic, however, it can be something which shows how true you are to yourself.

Why you shouldn’t stick to a belief indefinitly

Many people in life are caught up sticking to their beliefs, they will fight tooth and nail for their chosen path and not have a care in the world regarding somebody else’s train of thought. In the past (and today) this has lead to wars, arguments, break-ups, all sorts – you name it, it has come from somebody wholeheartedly sticking to their belief. Religions have been born because of it. (yes that’s right many religions are fairly new, and although good in many ways, aim to preach their path as the correct and ONLY one.) This causes numerous issues, and term for this is known as cognitive dissonance. A belief which is different to your belief is presented, this affects you so much to the point of feeling uncomfortable, meaning you shut it out and continue to fight for your initial belief.  As we evolve as human beings spiritually, physically and mentally we become new people – sticking to an idea from the past limits you and this can mean you get stuck where you are – forever! (Or for a very long time meaning no growth, no becoming the best version of yourself!)

Cognitive Dissonance – as described by Frantz Fanon


Why you should change your mind often

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said in his 1841 Essay Self Reliance that an individual should speak what they believe day-to-day even if it contradicts what they said the day before.

“Speak what you think today in hard words and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

To other people this may seem bizarre. You are saying one thing on say Monday, then on Wednesday you are saying something completely different which in fact contradicts what you said on Monday, how can this be!

I will admit, when i first read this it went against everything I had come to know as a young 22 year old man. However, after further investigation it the jigsaw puzzle seems to fit. We are constantly changing based on our experiences and our life journeys, meaning our thoughts, actions and words are also changing (if you allow the to). Staying true to what you believe on a  given day will allow you to stay true to yourself by living in the present moment and truly expressing what you think at that moment. People at first may call you erratic but they will come to respect you; you are not rigid or structured in your belief systems, you are simply flowing, you are present… you are ALIVE!



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