4 Tips on how to find / reconnect to your true self 

In our lives there are so many people to look up to and this is a blessing for sure. However, we must always aim to connect back to our true selves as that is where the real truth lies

You have been undergoing conditioning 

Conditioning is known as something which has a significant influence over you, and then makes you behave in a certain way. A lot of our lives we have been conditioned to take on board fear and insecurity in order to make us a shadow of TRUE selves. This is done (by the powers that be) to cut us off from source, from divine, from our heart. However, conditioning isn’t just the news and matrix society, conditioning (as explained by the late Max Spiers) is actually everything outside of ourselves. This means to connect to our divine energy, we must rid ourselves of everything outside of ourselves and connect within.

How to reconnect

Despite all of this conditioning, we as humans have remarkable power and due to universal law are bound by free will. We do not have to participate in these mind games, we are free to do as we TRULY wish.

Here are four quick tips to re-establish that inner connection, and these can be used at any time to get you back into flow.

1.) Slow Down – We live in a 9-5 clock based society, where we seem to always be rushing around from one thing to another. Taking time on each task may sem counterproductive at first, however, it can actually help you accomplish whatever your doing with more quality and precision. Slowwww down, breathe and do not rush around, it will help, you have my word.

2.) Meditation – Meditation is one of the greatest if not the greatest tip I can give you. Meditation will allow you to truly connect to the divine. Now there are may ways to meditate, simply start with 10 minutes a day, sitting somewhere (preferable alone and way from any distractions, including people!) and focus on your breath. Even 5-10 minutes daily can be very powerful finding out who you really are.

3.) Live in the present moment – Living in the present moment is what we used to do as kids, but nowadays we are either living regretting the past, or worrying about the future. Stop, be present, and do it for as long as you can, whenever you can.

4.) Turn off the TV! – The TV is toxic, even if something productive is on. Studies show that after the 20th minute of watch Television our brains go into a Beta Mind state similar to when we are dreaming, and we are being directly controlled. Turn it off, close the book, turn off the music, seclude yourself (for a period of time) and reclaim your sovereignty.

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I hope these tips helped, any issues or worries email me – brownboybodybuilder@outlook.com



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