Hard Work vs Talent

Talent is something which you are born with, hard work is something you strive for, so the question… when the two meet who wins?

It has often been a big debate In many communities regarding those who work hard, and those who are naturally blessed. Lets take the fighting community for example, we have an Irishman, Conor McGregor who himself admits he is not talented; he is where is today due to hard, hard work.

And then on the talent side, you have a man who has always been blessed, Jon Jones. He is a man who can seemingly do the impossible, and yet, he is not the hardest of workers. This is evident by his out of the ring antics.


Talent hits a target no one else can hit

Arnold Schopenhauer

Talent is known as a skill, it is known as someone who is blessed, it is known as someone who is a genius. In bodybuilding, talent can be put in the category of genetics. Genetics are a predisposition you are born with. Somebody who has more defined abs than another despite hardly ever training them can be put down into genetics. Genetics does play a big role in bodybuilding no doubt, however people often use it as an excuse for their lack of effort, and this is where hard work enters the fore.
Hard work

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

Hard work is something which is up for debate among many communities. If you enjoy doing something and you put your all into it is that considered as hard work? On the other hand if you hate something and force yourself through just for the end goal, will that reap any results? At the end of the day there is no excuse for hard, hard work. So get your paintbrush, your computer or your dumbbell and get going because something great is not going to build itself.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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