Idols and icons 

In life there are many ways to act… here we will look at a more informed approach to tackling life from the many different facets 
Which way to be? Which way to act? Good or bad? Esctatic or subdued? There are many ways to be in life and each have their benefits and equally their downpoints. One thing I have learned about life in the short 22 years I have resided on planet is that there is no set way to be, but rather a mixture of everything.

No way is way – Bruce Lee

We all know the story in the personal development world. We listen to one individual. We are attracted by their energy regarding a certain topic, we then proceed to discover their input on various other topics; before sometimes going the full distance and attempting to emulate this person in every aspect. 

There is a big fundamental problem with the this approach…

Firstly you can never fully emulate someone because put quite simply, you are not them, no matter how hard you try certain things will not resonate with your inner being.

This then causes frustration and a dark energetic pattern as you recklessly attempt to mimick this individual in the best way you know possible.

Secondly if you are following somebody then what has happened to you? What has happened to your own unique signature, your own intuition, your heart. 

I  challenge all of humanity to take a balanced approach in life, and take bits from everybody who inspires you to then build you, the real you. 

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