The Mid-Life crisis

What is it that you truly want out of life? Are you merely doing things just to pass time? Are you really happy with the way you are spending your time? Are you in charge, or are you a product of your circumstances?


If you look at the mass majority of people, they are living on a cycle. Monday – Friday typically between the hours of 09:00 – 17:00 its all about working to pay the bills. Everybody seems to be in a rush and yearning for the weekend. Then, as soon as the weekend comes a massive energy release… BOOM BOOM BOOM! And then Sunday arrives, and we are recovering from the weekend ready for another long week head. The problem with this way of life is that we never truly take time to figure out what we want, we are simply living on other people’s terms. The moment we have time off what do we do? We let go, we drink, we smoke, we fornicate, we do whatever makes us (supposedly) happy to counter-balance the pain of the 9-5 lifestyle, and we end up more and more miserable.

What fulfills you?

The problem with these activities (mentioned above) is that they are temporarily easing our pain, however, they are not what we truly yearn for. If you are really truly happy with working a job and then blowing of steam on the weekend, then that is great! However, the majority of people are not, and the reason for this is because they have not taken time to find out what truly fulfills them. This doesn’t mean sitting in silence and waiting for some magic moment of thought (although sporadic periods of silence can help), but rather getting into the uncomfortable, and jumping off the cliff whilst learning to fly on the way down.


That’s why I invite you, the reader, to truly find out what fulfills you, and together we can help build a new earth…

Share your views in the comments section below!


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